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Fatcat specialize in webcasting and live streaming video production.
With crews located in Dubai, we’ve got the resources to cover events of
all sizes across UAE.

Facebook Live Streaming

Live streaming your event on Facebook puts you slap bang into the timeline of your followers. Along with, fatcat editors can create instant social cuts during and after the event to make your investment go further.

YouTube Live Streaming

Furthermore, With high production values and broadcast quality content, live streaming your event on YouTube through fatcat increases your reach beyond your usual mobile content platforms and into smart screen devices and search engines.

Twitter Live Streaming

Got thousands or even millions of followers on Twitter? Undoubtedly, A broadcast quality live social video in their feed keeps them engaged with your brand and encourages social sharing.

Business Events

  • Conferences
  • Product presentation
  • Exhibition

Public Events

  • Graduation ceremony
  • Award ceremony
  • Fashion show
  • Sport events
  • Red carpet events

Private Events

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Birthday party

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7 Reasons to Use Live Streaming Services

Frequent Asked Questions

There is a reason why Fatcat Media live streaming service, Dubai, is a highly sort after service today.

Undoubtedly, We are living in an information era where everything stops if there is no information dissemination.

On the other hand, it is not just about the availability of information but the process of sharing too. While, in this regard videos are the most effective method.

likewise, With social media taking on the world of communication, streamingservices are become popular by them.

Recorded videos are great, Although they are mostly not news. And we all want new things.

For this reason, Fatcat live streaming services are the solution to many things.
In short, It is a way of connecting directly and sharing live data.

Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent live streaming service, consider finding a company that understands your needs.

This comes from extensive experience and a large portfolio obviously

You are looking for someone who can be trusted to keep your data safe, especially for sensitive services like conferences.

This is our specialty, In particular at Fat Cat Live Media, we have got an excellent live streaming service for all of your needs.

Here are reasons you may be missing out a lot if you haven’t started using live streaming already.

Definitely, Effective communication is something beyond just information. Anyone can communicate, but it takes special consideration to get the message home.

Subsequently, One of the ways to do this is to have your audience involved in the conversation.

A discussion is better than a lecture.

Clearly, live streaming is becoming more and more popular for this reason. It makes people feel like they are in the moment, rather than just being told about what happened.

On the contrary, It is very hard to believe an edited video. Some of them just don’t tell everything as it availed.

Similarly some events like church services, remote teaching, business meetings, seminars, and weddings do not require second-hand information.

With this in mind, Every participant wants to be there in such events and offer their contribution in real-time.

That way, they feel like they are right in the action, even where they are not there.

In conclusion, Live streaming brings people who are far apart together. It is the fastest way to obtain information; hence, the most effective.

Let consider teaching scenarios for distant learners. For instance Traditionally, you have to be in a physical classroom to study.

Lecturers can explain their concepts, while the learner directly contributes, which is really nice.

Head-on Participation from Distant Areas

What about those who want to study in institutions far from where they stay? We know that certain circumstances don’t allow some people to travel.

Conversely, why should you travel far, if there is an alternative way to get what you need from where you are?

Virtual classrooms are thus a popular solution for many people. Same as, the fact that educators and their students can reach each other easily is something to embrace.

Additionally, Another great scenario is where companies use live streaming to connect with their audience remotely. If a brand is carrying out an exhibition, for instance,

they can invite as many people as they want, who may never turn out.

So, instead of asking the audience and potential customers to come to them, the firm goes to the customer.

Hence, Fatcat can use the live stream for product launches, exhibitions, and award ceremonies, apart from, of course, conferences and seminars.

There are unlimited benefits of live streaming in these types of events. Therefore, it only works for those who are willing to seize every opportunity to reach their target markets.

In a working area, there comes a time when stakeholders have to meet and discuss important issues. However, Some situations may not allow for physical meetings.

At this time, live streaming is the ideal means to reach them. Moreover, It helps one engage their audience at a more personal level.

Exclusive Meetings At More Personal Level

Finally, They can then use such an opportunity to receive vital information first hand. Take, for instance, in seminars.

The event organizers heavily count on audience participation.

In this Case, with a technical team like Fatcat Media, all these can be much easier than you think.

They will set the presentation upon a split-screen, involving live camera feed and company documents.

In the same way, Things like PowerPoint presentations can all be broadcasted live at the same time.

The internet has become a vital tool for communication today, especially for marketing.

Take Benefit By Fatcat to Explore World On Internet

Websites and social media pages, in particular, are taking the lead. The best part is, most of the contemporary market is online.

Hence, it becomes much easier to reach them.

You can use these services to arrange live streaming by Fatcat delivery to your website, Facebook, and YouTube. Admittedly, this does not go without saying it can be viewed on multiple devices.

Live streaming is ideal for situations that do not allow the participation of the mass audience from a specific location.

But they are all brought together via camera. In cases where the event is at a large venue with different rooms, audiences can access the footage from wherever they are without going to the main room.

Also, it makes it possible for events to be broadcasted in different locations.

Subsequently, Using live streaming brings the main stage to an audience that cannot access it. For this, you will have different screens in specified locations

In conclusion, so that members can see it from wherever they are.

Video live streaming by Fatcat will continue to take effect on the world by the day.

Indeed, There is no denying that technology makes the world better. Likewise, And this is one of the technologies you don’t want to miss on.

The Last But no the least reason is Here. For you to have your event live-streamed, all you need is a video camera, a laptop, audio equipment, and microphones.

You will also need stable internet connectivity.

Obviously, you will require a team to handle the equipment.

It will not be possible to work alone if you have to deal with multiple locations.

But you don’t have to go through all that. Fatcat technicians will ensure you have your event live-streamed as you wish.

About Us

Fat Cat Live Media specialize in webcasting and live streaming video production. With crews located in Dubai, UAE. Therefore, we’ve got the resources to cover events of all sizes across the country.

With Fat Cat Live Media, you can professionally stream your event live to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter,, or along with your own custom built page and  all of them simultaneously.

Fat Cat Live Media are using professional cameras, which works perfectly in low light situations.

We do not relay on the venue’s internet connection, on the other hand we are using our reliable bonded multi cellular networks.

Our packages are designed to save time during pre-production and deliver everything you need at a predictable price for any size of projects.

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