Gaming Live Streaming Guide for 2021 – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Gaming Live Streaming: Guide for 2021 - Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Gaming Live Streaming Guide for 2021 – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

In the last couple of years, and this year especially game streaming is becoming more and more popular among the young generation and not only. The gaming stream process is huge in places like Dubai, European countries and the USA. Actually, the truth is that people all over the globe are streaming their gaming not only from their computers but from their consoles as well.

Our team at Fat Cat Media gives you this starting guide on what you need to start your desired gaming live stream and reap the benefits of the amazing process.

There is no true gamer in the world who hasn’t heard of Twitch, it is the largest service for game streaming and has alternatives for broadcasting when you have the needed tech and software.

But streaming is not only happening on Twitch, people have millions of subscribers on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. The possibilities to build an audience are endless, for real.

Here are some must-have tech parts you need to start with your live streaming and gaming experience in Dubai.

1. A computer or laptop

Tech is needed and the first thing here for live streaming in Dubai is a computer with strong capabilities that will run most of the games you need to play.

You can use a laptop if you want but again, it has to be top of the class. If you use some mediocre computer tech or a laptop you might have a problem with running more recent games that are heavier and require strong technical and software elements to run seamlessly on higher graphics.

2. A camera, headset, reliable microphone

We cannot live stream our gaming if we do not use the proper technology when it comes to camera, microphones, cables and software. Of course, most games stream at Full HD quality, so you will need to check our Internet provider for a reliable connection at all times. Many streamers have failed to put the best quality and have problems with their game stream because of that.
Consider these elements are pivotal for a great live streaming process with gaming in Dubai.

3. High-resolution monitor

Using a high-end quality monitor, let’s say a gaming monitor at 4K or at least 2K will give an incredible experience while live stream for gaming. There are a lot of monitors now that are selling for cheaper prices, so you can consider getting one and start the streaming process while you are gaming in Dubai.

4. Gaming accessories like keyboard and gaming mouse are “a must”

When you want to produce the best streaming, the conditions while you stream should be top of the class. Let’s not forget that some accessories might “break the bank” but in the long run, the will pay off because you are not going to stream with them one particular time. It is something you invest in for a long time.

Gaming live streaming in Dubai is a fun process to do, you need to have your goal set in mind, your budget straight and you can start streaming and become really good at it.

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