How to set up your home live streaming studio? – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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How to set up your home live streaming studio? - Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

How to set up your home live streaming studio? – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Setting up your live stream studio at home or at the office in Dubai is an interesting but not so easy job to do since you need good knowledge before the start of the arrangement of all pivotal technology you need. In this article guide, we will point out some of the most important steps you should follow in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your brand new live stream studio.

Our team at Fat Cat Media suggests that if you want to live stream seamlessly and have no problems at all during the process, you should start with these two factors that are crucial for live streaming.

1. Space

Make sure you have a room all for yourself and the live stream process in Dubai. When you arrange that, you need to take care of other issues, like unwanted and incoming light from windows around you. You can tape the whole room or tint the windows. Whether you stream for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter or Instagram, a good room for streaming is the first most important step to consider even before starting.
The space you choose for a live stream should be mobile, you should have access to Wi-Fi, cables for Internet and enough room for all the technology and equipment. Not only that, you should consider a place when it quiet, so there is no extra noise coming from the house or office suite you are in.

2. Having a reliable Internet connection

Setting up your Internet right and having a seamless network is pivotal when starting a live stream. As we already know, bad connectivity will only ruing the whole streaming experience and will bring negatives to it.
First, you should choose the best Internet provider in the area. Secondly, you need to buy a great router that connects to all types of devices, laptops, computers, etc. When you have arranged that, you need to make sure you have all the settings under control and ready to start the live stream.

It is that simple, you just need to follow the steps.

3. Getting ready with the tech and software

Having all of your lights, bulbs, monitors, cameras, microphones, software ready is the next step. Make sure you are having a capable device for live streaming, most recent software and platforms have more requirements when it comes to RAM, processors, sound cards, etc.

Also, when you are preparing your live stream, make sure you are only using licensed products and software. You should, every paid program is coming with its benefits for users and creates a better live stream experience.

4. Lights and camera system

Last in the guide but not least, strive for the most proficient camera and lighting conditions. The live stream should be a high-quality process, no matter what the situation is, your viewers should be allowed to stream your videos in the best possible quality.

Offer good lightning, great posture, and HQ video – this is the successful formula of attracting more and more viewers to your channel, no matter what the niche business is. Our team at Fat Cat Media approves.

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