How to improve audio and video quality for your Zoom conference? – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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How to improve audio and video quality for your Zoom conference? - Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

How to improve audio and video quality for your Zoom conference? – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

In these tough times during the COVID-19 situation, it is no secret that people are using Zoom more frequently in 2020. Not only for live stream services in Dubai but globally Zoom has become a preferred platform for corporate meetings and even more.

In the current article, we will show you how you can improve your experience with Zoom and increase the quality of your video and audio during online meetings and live stream.
Pretty much anybody knows how to sign in and use Zoom, but there are some setting that might’ve been put off in the beginning, so our team at Fat Cat Media will show some easy to do tips you can improve both sound and video quality.

1. Is your HD option “On”?

A lot of people are in a hurry and do not have time to look for this but with time we all understand that getting an HD quality, especially for video is pivotal. Sometimes, there are things that have to be seen and regulating the proper quality of the video is key to seeing everything as it should be.

Simply go to “Settings”, choose “Video” and in the menu, you can tick the “Enable HD” button. Yes, it is that easy. Of course, one more thing, your Internet connection should be good because HD quality live stream requires more “power” or “juice” as we love to say. Get your setting right and live stream in Dubai seamlessly.

2. Putting the camera at the right angle

Maybe hundreds of times our laptop or professional streaming camera is below our chin and when we start that conference, people are not able to see us clearly. In situations like these, even the sound is a little bit “dull” because the speakers are recording from below and may sound like the talking is coming from afar.

Our recommendation is to get the camera right in front of you and the line of live streaming should be on the level of the eyes. This is the single best way to make sure everyone on in the Zoom conference will see and hear you in the most proper way. Do not let the camera to be shaky, make it stand still and you are all set to go.

3. Get proper lighting conditions

When you are in Zoom meeting, people would love if they have the chance to see you clearly. Make sure your room has good lighting, no matter if we are talking for daily conferences or at night. Always make sure you have good lighting conditions, so people can see your whole face and expressions during the live stream.

4. Let’s talk about audio

If you want your voice to be heard, do not raise it. No, we didn’t come up with that. It is an old saying but very accurate in this situation. Make sure you are using high-quality headphones and be right in front of your monitor, camera or laptop. Going around the room while in a conference and talking on a loud voice can only have its negative effect on the situation.

Stick to the basics of a live stream in Dubai and you will have a seamless experience.

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