Live stream for public events red carpet, exhibitions by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Live stream for public events red carpet, exhibitions by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Live stream for public events red carpet, exhibitions by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Public events such as red carpet events, gallery exhibitions and museums are great for you to show your full potential to people when it comes to your creations.

Of course, live streaming such events is not an easy task. It takes a professional team behind the camera, good technology, tripods and an eye for every detail, simply because these events are all about the details. Everything must be seen, all colors, angles, all dresses, clothes, faces and so much more. That is why you need to work with a professional live streaming service provider.

By booking a date for the event, the team should come, place their technology, cameras, lens and tripods in place and try out if all tech is working properly. Starting with the right placement of cameras, then checking the Internet connection and software, you need experienced specialists that are going to deliver the first-class service during the live streaming process.

Our team from Fat Cat Media has put a shortlist of live-stream tips and steps for public events for you. Take a look at them.

Make sure you provide the needed technology

Key elements like microphones, tripods, DSLR cameras, professional lenses, video encoders and more are a must when you have a live stream for public events.

With all of this, you need to recharge batteries, have extra cables, tripods, power strips, lights, tape, recorders and laptops that can take the pressure of the work. Of course, live events such as red carpet ones, exhibitions and publicity shows can be long, meaning lasting a full day, even more. Be prepared with the technology for a remarkable live streaming experience.

Choose the right company, they will know the whole process by heart and will bring all of the needed parts and tech with them.

Hire additional staff

More people are always better. As people love to say: “Two heads are better than one” and it is right. When you have a dedicated team like Fat Cat Media around your event, you will feel calm that the whole live event and streaming is in the hands of people with real live stream knowledge.

Hiring more people is key when the event is bigger. By bigger, we mean there are more spots to shoot and more video tech to install for full live streaming. With red carpet events, there are many open spaces and a lot of rooms that need to be recorded, so working with extra guys from the team is pivotal for the job to be done amazingly.

Recording settings, video quality and testing before the actual event

Making everything perfect and testing before the event is a must, remember that. No matter what the event is, testing is something all professionals should consider. Get your recording settings right, make sure your microphones are working properly, video quality is at the maximum resolution and you have an unbreakable Internet connection.

With these elements included in your preparation, you should become “the king of live streaming”, no matter what the occasion is. Practice makes perfect always.

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