Using Live Stream during the Pandemic – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Using Live Stream during the Pandemic – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Whether it is for concerts, live events, news, DJ sets, home videos, work or education, live stream during the Pandemic proved that is a huge leap forward into the right direction when working and sustaining the life of many people, giving them meaning, hope, work and most importantly – safety.

The team of Fat Cat Media approves that live stream for all types of events is not only growing during the last nine months but also will be in high demand for months, even years to come. It is no secret that people love to live stream their events, no matter if there are tough times like these or not. The benefits of the process are just too many.

Here are some of the most important benefits of using live stream during the pandemic of COVID-19 and why you should consider them using such a service.

Working remotely is safe and fun

People who can do their job on their laptop or personal computer are starting to notice the benefits of working from home. Imagine the situation where you work in a big company full of 200 people and you should meet most of them or manage them personally. With this virus spreading around fast, it is not advisable.

The main benefit from working from home is that you can use live stream for Zoom conference and other platforms that are fast, reliable and can get your done in minutes, the same time if you are on your working spot.

Live stream from home allows showing all the finished reports, work and assignments to your boss or if you are the manager of a company, you can easily check out and talk with your colleagues and solve cases.

Live Stream for education

Both schools and universities have the option to live-stream classes and lectures, so the students feel just like they are in class. Isn’t this amazing? If we were living 40 years ago or more, this couldn’t have been a dream.

Now in this day and age, we can learn from all points of the world, live stream every event in Dubai, in Europe in London, in the USA and be standing right in front of our laptop from home. All we need is a reliable Internet connection and technology that supports live streaming.

Like it or not, home learning and live stream for education is now applicable and here to stay for a long time. We should accept things as they are.

Live stream has become even more viral

Facebook Live is noting that there’s a 50% jump in viewership since COVID-19. That means for a couple of months, millions of people are tuning in to live stream. And here we just talk about just one platform. What about YouTube Live, Zoom, Instagram, Twitch, Learning Channels and more? It has had the same effect on them as well.

Fat Cat Media is here to help anyone with live stream service in Dubai, so if you consider starting a live stream, call the team and talk with the supportive staff. They know exactly “how-to” and will give pivotal advice.

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