Why we are using DSLR cameras for our live streams at Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Why we are using DSLR cameras for our live streams at Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Why we are using DSLR cameras for our live streams at Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Whether it is a Canon DSRL camera or Nikon, you should remember one simple fact. For live streaming, DSLR cameras are the best choice a professional company can make to record and stream live their event.

Everything in live streaming is dependent on the technology and our team from Fat Cat Media is taking no short ways in providing the best service recorded with the most advanced tech possible. To deliver 100% quality service, we know we have to work with the most proficient – the best both in team and technology to make a difference when live streaming an event, wedding, football game, conference or live concert.

In this article we will point out why we are using DSLR cameras, the strong points, how we do it and what details we are looking constantly for to make the live streaming experience better and better for the viewers and our clients.

We make sure we have all the needed equipment and tech

Our team works only with DSLR cameras, this should be mentioned first. For streaming high-quality video you should know that the expenses for DSLR cameras are bigger but the results will be worth it and absolutely visible. We are thinking of buying new and more advanced DSLR cameras as an investment in our working process and business model.

We are a company that is making its primary source of income of live streaming for clients, big firms and personal events in Dubai, so for us, it is extremely important to be better than expected and exceed the expectations of the customer.

Another element we choose wisely is the large aperture lens, AC adapters and microphones. These elements are pivotal. The lens makes it possible to capture all the great moments of the live stream in real-time, the AC adapter will have backup power for your battery so it won’t die easily and high-quality microphones for better sound.

After the hardware there comes the software and settings

After setting up your hardware parts, the software is what needs to be taken care of. The manual settings and tests that should be taken before the actual events should be done by a professional to tell if everything is alright with the live video streaming.

Our team at Fat Cat Media has a number of specialists that will do this for you and help with creating the perfect picture for all kinds of events, make the sound click perfectly and have an incredible synchronization between what you see and what you hear.

And finally to answer the big question: “Why we are using DSLR cameras?”

Over the years of continuous work, our team at Fat Cat Media learned that DSLR cameras are the single best way to stream big sports events, red carpet events, weddings, exhibitions, museums and art galleries with the help of DSLR technology, simply because it proves quality like no other tech.

The way we work and see results, no stuttering video, incredible performance in low-light situations and shooting, professional support and improvement of quality live streaming is what gets us going to reach the maximum potential and put a happy face on our clients.

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