Video Podcast Live Stream Benefits and Why to Try It in 2021 – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Video Podcast Live Stream Benefits and Why to Try It in 2021 - Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Video Podcast Live Stream Benefits and Why to Try It in 2021 – Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Planning of broadcasting your podcast live soon and wondering if it is engaging? The answer to the question is “yes, absolutely”.

Our team at Fat Cat Media has some options to suggest in the article below for those of you who are now planning of trying video podcast live stream in Dubai and worldwide.

Do you need to create a Live Podcast?

The big benefits of creating a live podcast are plenty and more and more people are taking advantage of this in the last few years, especially in 2020 when the worldwide pandemic has us all stuck inside.
One of the biggest benefits of using live podcast is that your audience can tune in at any time and listen to you without missing a track on what is going on. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

If you understand how the multiplying process of using live podcasts works, you will notice that your audience is only getting bigger and bigger every week, then every month and in one moment you can reach a point when you have tens of thousands of people waiting for your podcast early. People are even setting reminders to let them know when the podcast will be available online, so they can live stream it.

Most popular platforms you can use to start video live podcasts

Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Zoom are some of the most popular videos live podcast streaming platforms and they offer a lot of included features that anyone can try.
Facebook Live is free and extremely easy to use. You can start streaming with your GoPro, iPhone or camera tech on your computer. Engagement on Facebook Live can be huge if you are consistent in your video live podcast plan and post regularly.

YouTube Live is seen by many as the replacement of Google Hangouts. With options for setting your streaming to private, unlisted or public you will always have the lead when it comes to controlling your audience and user engagement.

YouTube live offers streaming through different devices so there are no limitations to just one app. More cool features are available now on YouTube Live, you should strongly consider if you do not want to try it out for video podcast live stream in Dubai. It is awesome.

Get all needed tech for better quality live stream

When you consider trying video podcast live streaming in Dubai, our team at Fat Cat Media recommends going for the best piece of tech you can acquire. In 2020 streamers are multiplying on a daily basis and they are getting better at what they do. So to stand out, you need to know the secret sauce of getting ahead in video podcast live streaming.

Working with professional and high-quality video recording technology is one thing, but producing amazing content and value for your audience is other. Think of both as two sides of one coin and you will be able to learn in the process of creating podcasts and live stream not only in Dubai but globally.

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