Reliability of Internet Connection. Bonded connection. Teradek Vidiu Go by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Reliability of Internet Connection. Bonded connection. Teradek Vidiu Go by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Reliability of Internet Connection. Bonded connection. Teradek Vidiu Go by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Internet connection and live streaming are both parts of the bigger picture when someone is trying to get a video stream from point A to point B. Of course, there are many mistakes people can make while trying to stream, especially if they are not professionals and the whole live stream process can be ruined by not using the proper technology and methods by which you can have a successful test stream.

In our article about the reliability of Internet connectivity and bonded connections, we will give our honest opinion of the Teradek Vidiu Go product and why it is our trusted partner everywhere we go streaming, plus the benefits of working with first-class streaming products.

Rule #1 – Make sure you have a proper Internet connection

It might sound too easy to understand but we assure you the main problem of live streaming, no matter what the event is, the Internet connection is not that good. Make sure you work with trusted providers of the service, with 24/7 support, so if a problem occurs, you will be able to act quickly on it and solve the case in no time.

If you have an appointment with a professional company, please ask them if they are working with bonded connection tech and software that will make it possible to stream on Ethernet, Wi-Fi and more options. Remember, the professionals should offer different ways of making streaming seamless and to have no external problems when the event starts.

Our team at Fat Cat Media can assure you that we have long experience with such methods and Teradek technology, which we will comment in just a matter of seconds.

But first – why should you use bonded connection?

Bonded connections have 4 important benefits for you:

  • Portability
  • Expendable Internet Connection
  • It is affordable, professionals count on this
  • Data consumption efficiency

So, one conclusion we can make out of the situation is that video live streaming becomes more advanced and it will continue to be so, as billions of people are streaming over the world.

Teradek VidiU Go – must-have for professionals

For great prices, you get everything you need for the incredible streaming experience provided by the professional live streaming companies. Teradek VidiU Go is the technology all streamers must-have because it comes it a full set of features and options for bettering the process.

Here is a list of features you can use:

  • Dual Video Inputs – both SDI and HDMI inputs connect seamlessly with streaming and give an advanced experience.
  • HEVC Compression – saving data consumption is now possible and offering better quality
  • Instant Live Streaming – quickly managing all the setting and you can go streaming in just a matter of seconds. Connect it with our IOS or Android and the process becomes a play.
  • Streaming over bonded connections – when devices are bonded, you can give permission for others to stream, which happens fast, easy and it is reliable for different Internet connections.
  • Core – VidiU Go is extremely powerful when connected with Core. It allows you to live stream on multiple destinations and platforms (Facebook, Youtube included.)
  • Manage from any point of the world – remote work with Core is phenomenal, as it gives you permission for a set of features.

You can use the benefits Teradek provides and create a perfect streaming event that your audience is going to love. Anytime, anywhere.

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