Multi camera live streaming for Instagram as a marketing tool by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Multi camera live streaming for Instagram as a marketing tool by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Multi camera live streaming for Instagram as a marketing tool by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Instagram has got even more popular among the younger generations than Facebook and Youtube. It is a phenomenal way of publishing your content and share it with your followers. With its latest updates and functions, Instagram is becoming more and more used for live streaming, multi-camera streaming and this can seriously impact your niche, audience and potential clients.

Instagram is also the latest platform to incorporate streaming live, so it is a great way to use this feature for your business and attract through it.

Our team at Fat Cat Media can help you with creating a step-by-step plan to use Instagram as a strong marketing tool and reap the benefits of attracting more and more clients to your service, product and brand authority.

Create a strong concept first

Knowing your audience and where you want to go with live streaming and placing ads in your streaming process is pivotal. You need to try out more ways to stream and track the continuous progress of them. With additional specialists in the field, this would be easier. That is why our advice to you is to hire professionals. Our team is always one call away from offering a perfect solution for your upcoming event and the way it should be presented in front of the digital audience on Instagram.

Remember that Instagram allows phone live streaming, which is pretty understandable meaning the main usage of the platform. Consider to stream with high-quality cameras on smartphones from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Google, One Plus among others who will have higher quality resolution and megapixel cameras.

Using additional technology and software

Having the right tech by your side when you live stream is pivotal. Not only because you can have a seamless Internet connection but because there would be no overall interruptions during the stream. You can use the help of:

  • Teradek Link Pro Router
  • Teradek Node USB modems
  • Verizon USB modems
  • High-quality camera phones and lenses

Stabilization in Iphones should not be a problem, they are known for having incredible stabilization when shooting a video and live streaming. You can consider getting an extra charger for all phones since the batteries of these phones can drain in a blink of an eye and is not suitable for hours of streaming.

For what events is mobile live streaming suitable?

Smartphones are a big part of our everyday life and it will only get bigger, so having the opportunity to stream in important events, lectures, live concerts, birthday parties, wedding and bachelor parties is essential.

Of course, the main segment of people who are streaming with their phones are the younger ones but the overall number of online streaming for Instagram and social media is increasing. People just love to share their content live with others.

Live streaming for Instagram is an incredible way of sharing new content fast, followers can rewind back and watch it all over again, as the platform is keeping it for 24 hours.
Instagram will only get bigger and more advanced with streaming, keep an eye on the changes and you will be able to use it a strong marketing tool that will skyrocket your business.

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