Introducing Live stream by Fat Cat Media Dubai UAE

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Introducing Live stream by Fat Cat Media Dubai UAE

Introducing Live stream by Fat Cat Media Dubai UAE

Live streaming and Fat Cat Media go hand in hand when it comes to providing the most efficient streaming on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter or which is even better – your own custom page. Sounds great, right?

With a location in Dubai, Fat Cat Media is truly one of the most competitive streaming providers on the web at the moment and they will give you a full streaming and webcasting experience you will never forget. The team can provide up to 8 different camera angles with a tremendous quality of image quality and video. 

Do you have an upcoming event in UAE that you want to stream across multiple platforms? Well, leave it in the hands of real professionals such as Fat Cat Media. We will give the maximum quality and deliver our live streaming service right on time, just as soon as you book your appointment with our company. 

The driving force of Fat Cat Media is the amazing team behind the name. The live streaming specialists are ready to take upon any challenge and give 100% quality service for all clients in Dubai. Whether you have a live concert coming up soon, a wedding, talk show event, fashion show or fitness challenge, Fat Cat Media will never let you down. 

Starting with the professional technology our team works, we have cameras that are built to compute every angle and every special moment of your event. The stable stream can go across multiple platforms in just a matter of minutes and you will be astonished by the astonishing quality of our work. 

Fat Cat Media takes pride in the live streaming solutions that we are providing. Our clients are astounded with the final results and we are building a long-term relationship for future work together. 

Clients such as LUX Fashion Show, Unilever and McKinsey are just a small part of our quality work. We are looking forward to working and helping more and more clients in Dubai. Now you are asking, could that be me? Absolutely, if you are event manager or an event planner and have something in mind, reach out our call centre agents and learn more about live streaming services we provide, quality and more to our beloved clients.

With Fat Cat Media you get one of the best features in Dubai and here is just a glimpse of them:

  • Quality live streaming video
  • Efficient and remote communication
  • Connecting with more audiences easily in 2020
  • Good marketing and PR techniques for future clients and viewers 
  • Get the best of our futuristic technology 

Fat Cat Media is here to take live streaming in Dubai to a whole new level, going straight to the stratosphere. If you want quality, unshakeable live video streaming for cheaper prices, then Fat Cat Media is the absolute answer to your questions. 

We are here to stream your event and make a change.

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