Live stream for sport events by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Live stream for sport events by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

Live stream for sport events by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

It is a straight fact that sports are one of the most-streamed events on the Internet worldwide. Also, no secret is that takes great coordination, technology and professional team to stand behind the live streaming for sports events to make it perfect.

Our team from Fat Cat Media will point out some of the strongest points of being a part of live-streaming when we are talking about sport events. Now let’s begin, shall we?

Talk with a company that takes this niche professionally

Choosing the right company that has years of experience and a strong workforce behind its name is one of the most important factors you can make from the early beginning. Fat Cat Media knows live streaming and sports, so we are fully qualified to take upon the job and execute until you see the astonishing results. We provide:

  • High-quality image and video
  • Great stabilization and shooting angles
  • Perfect lights and camera setup
  • 24/7 unlimited support

Choosing the right equipment

Now after you have chosen the live-steaming service providing company, you can sit back and relax for a moment, as the next step is their responsibility.

Live streaming equipment is a pivotal part of the whole digital event and the experience the viewers will witness. Choosing the right DSLR cameras, lenses, methods for streaming in low-light conditions are the points from which the whole live-streaming process depends on.

Another important step – video quality and settings

As we are living in the modern digital era in 2020, HD TVs and high-definition quality is now considered a “normal streaming quality”. Therefore, this means you need to stream with more expensive cameras that can offer live streaming up at least up to 1080p.

4K quality is fastly becoming the standard for streaming, so in the future, we will be able to live stream sports events at 8K quality, as there are TV sets and monitors at such quality, which is amazing.
If you are on a budget, then you should stick to 1080p quality video and make sure you are providing with ease to your audience, because they will notice the difference.
No one streams videos, movies, or live events at 360p or 480p anymore, people are used to the greater quality and that is perfectly fine. We want better, we get better.

Auto-Focus and Zoom capabilities

We mentioned that high-quality video is key, but elements like brilliant auto-focus, zooming and dynamic range capabilities are pivotal for perfect conditions while streaming sports events. Imagine if you are live-streaming a football event, viewers need to see all elements like goals, special moments and falls and player activity. It is the same with multiple other sports like tennis, basketball, aerobics and more.

Using different angle technology camera with great auto-focus and zoom capabilities is the top element of live streaming when it comes to sports events.

Doing these steps and trusting our team, you can be sure that we will take care of your sports event streaming and people would be pleased with the overall live streaming results, no matter which platform you have chosen.

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