Streaming platforms review YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Choose best one for your needs

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Introducing Live stream by Fat Cat Media Dubai UAE

Streaming platforms review YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Choose best one for your needs

Live streaming platforms are getting stronger and stronger with time but still many people are considering YouTube as the king of them all. Is that really true? We are about to learn more about it with information provided by our team at Fat Cat Media.

YouTube Live Streaming

In 2020 people not only know the benefits of live streaming but are using them more and more as well. When it comes to choosing the most usable platform we have to be honest with you – people prefer YouTube,  Facebook and Twitter the most.

YouTube is proving its way as a leading force in video providing since the 00’s so to many people the platform is the undisputable winner when it comes to watching videos, live streaming, even as a learning platform. It has millions of visitors per minute, so if you have a business already running or you are planning of starting something in the future, you should definitely consider the platform of YouTube to be the host for your streaming events.

Content creators are using YouTube mainly because it has about 2 billion visitors per month, which when you think about it is almost 1/3 of the population of the planet in just a month. Since live streaming is becoming global, you can maximize your reach and get to new visitors who can turn into clients. Also, collaboration with YouTube is amazing, it gives you the opportunity to be creative and to produce video at the highest quality.

Facebook Live Streaming

When it comes to creating a better relationship with your customers you can get the help of Facebook Live Streaming. If you are a marketing specialist or expert, this should be put into your social media marketing strategy by now. With almost 150% of rising organic reach, Facebook live streaming can bring something useful and new to the table.

Live streaming in the platform allows the viewers to see the impressions and comments of others. This is a huge step forward in live streaming, which means that all the impressions will be caught in real time, which is valuable. Daily Facebook Live Video is generating about 500 million of viewers, so this should be a great journey to start. Getting closer to your audience is key, they can watch your live event, lecture or sports event in Dubai even faster and smarter.

Twitter Live Streaming

For all you Twitter fans and followers out there Fat Cat Media offers live streaming on the platform which will totally amaze you. Of course, it is an opportunity everyone should consider because there are millions of people watching on Twitter live. By using Twitter you will get the audience engaged, gain visibility for your event, impress the guests and last, but not least, you will display your brand. Isn’t this everything you want out of live streaming. Live Streaming on different platforms can be used as a strong marketing tool to engage more and more visitors to your event and turn them into customers later on.

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