Wedding Live Stream by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

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Wedding Live Stream by Fat Cat Media Dubai, UAE

When it comes to your special day, meaning your astonishing wedding day, it is pivotal to have a team of true professionals who know how live-streaming works better for that kind of events.

Live streaming your wedding should be considered one of the most important jobs you need to arrange before the start of the special day. It comes to choices such as what the company should be, how well they manage live-streaming, what technology and techniques are using and how well they understand the streaming process.

Live streaming the wedding is one of the most precious moments a couple can decide to create, because the footage will be seen by many people, not only actual guests of the ceremony but others as well. In this case, you need to have a team by your side to give great advice in live streaming and to use futuristic techniques like multiple angle camera shooting to catch all the little and most memorable moments on the wedding.

Here are some tips you can follow to prepare for your special day and remember it forever as one of the most astonishing moments of your conscious life.

Choose the most accurate company

When choosing a company which provides live-stream services, first you need to talk with them if they have provided wedding live stream in the past. If they show you a broad portfolio of their work, take pride of it and are confident in their actions, then they might be the one.

Of course, Fat Cat Media is one of those companies which you can trust fully and let the professionals from the team do their job with ease and joy. They will provide multiple options and will find solutions for all problems, when it comes to creating the perfect streaming atmosphere at the wedding.

Schedule when and what you will broadcast

To know exactly what you are going to shoot, certain scenes, the people, lights and landscapes is key to have the best video material when live-streaming, A professional company will have all the cameras positioned in the right places of when the wedding is taking place. This means that all DSLR cameras will be positioned the night before or early in the morning, so if there are any misconceptions and mistakes during the test run, the team would make everything perfect for the actual event.

Test your Internet connection before

The perfect Internet connection will make the whole wedding seem seamless. Otherwise, you can ruin the whole event if there are stuttering moments, not available scenes and blank periods of time. This will put off a lot of the viewers, in fact at the first moment, they will not know if the problem is with their connectivity or yours. So you might check your Internet and make sure it is perfectly fine for the wedding live-stream.

Relax, do everything naturally and the scenes would be mesmerizing.

Preparing for wedding live-streaming can be a serious process but our team from Fat Cat Media is always here to help with that in Dubai, UAE

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